First, here’s a recording (108K MP3) from March 21, of Amy giggling. Her giggles are the best, and I wish they were easier to capture for posterity. The problem – and it’s even worse with video – is that she finds recording devices fascinating. This introduces a kind of Heisenberg effect, in which the act of trying to record her doing something makes her stop doing it.

The big news is that now she’s able to stand, at least with something (often me) to support her. Here’s a video (892K WMV) of her standing. She’s pretty smart about sitting down, too, which a lot of babies aren’t, but she’s not quite 100% yet. Here’s a bad example of her technique (375K WMV), and a much better one (820K WMV).

I apologize for the orientation, but I find myself amazed at the lack of video editing tools that can rotate video ninety degrees from the way it was taken without squashing it to fit into a traditional TV-like “portrait” format. Don’t the people who write these things realize that users know what they want, the output isn’t always going to be viewed on TV, and information should be preserved during conversions? The still-photo folks managed to figure this one out, but I guess video guys are stupid. The lighting’s also not that great in the second and third clips because I forgot to turn on the “backlight compensation” mode while shooting and had to lighten things up manually while editing, but I hope people will still be able to enjoy them.