These are all from yesterday.

Amy Pointing (328KB WMV)
Pointing is one of Amy’s latest tricks. She particularly likes to point at lights – even if they’re off – but sometimes she points at other things as well.
Amy Standing (820KB WMV)
Amy has become a lot more ambitious, standing and grabbing stuff on top of higher objects such as Cindy’s nightstand. I also managed to get the camera orientation right this time.
Amy Babbling (176KB MP3)
Whereas before she used to make single sounds, perhaps repeated, now she’s making more of a variety. This collage doesn’t fully represent her current repertoire, but I’m working on it. Last night I swear she actually said “mushroom” during dinner. Maybe it was kind of an accident, but she had just been eating some – they’re one of her favorites right now – and we had been saying the word for her.

Last, but certainly not least, here’s another picture. It doesn’t show her doing anything new, but she’s just so darn cute.

Just Another Amy Picture