I’ve been a big fan of bul go gi (Korean barbecue beef) for a long time. I first encountered it in sandwich form in about 1983, in a little out-of-the-way place in Ann Arbor whose name I can’t remember. Like many of my favorite Ann Arbor restaurants, such as the Wolverine Den where I discovered gyros, it closed not long after I started going there regularly. Many years later I rediscovered it at Cindy’s and my favorite pan-Asian restaurant (Asiana Grill in Arlington) and it quickly displaced sushi and pad thai as my dinner of choice when we go there. Now I’ve found a way to make it at home. This month’s Fearless Flyer from Trader Joe’s had an entry for “Trader Ming’s Korean Style BBQ Sauce” so I picked some up this past weekend. Just a couple of hours of marinating some beef in that, and then a few minutes at the stove, and voila! Bul go gi, just like at the restaurant. Yum. I don’t make a habit of endorsing products here, or for that matter talking about food, but this just has to be one of the best effort/reward ratios I’ve seen so I had to share.