I didn’t want to do this, but I had to change the site layout again. I swear it used to work in the three browsers I have handy (mostly Firefox, occasionally Internet Explorer, and Konqueror only for testing) but somewhere along the line it broke for Internet Explorer again. Specifically, the main content area consisted of a small blank area at the top, followed by a large gap, followed by the banner and then everything else near – but not quite at – the end of the right sidebar. The starting and ending points of the gap didn’t seem to line up with anything in the sidebar or in the HTML source; IE just drew this big grey box in the middle for no apparent reason. Grrr. In any case it seems to be fixed now and looks identical in all three browsers.

For the HTML weenies in the audience, what I did was switch from using a “float” for the sidebar to absolute positioning. Floats have always been a little weird, but I thought I had all the weirdness figured out. Apparently not. There’s absolutely no reason the float version and the absolute-position version should behave differently, and they don’t in either of the standards-compliant browsers, but IE just couldn’t get the float version right no matter how I tweaked it. What a piece of garbage. If floats worked they’d be the Right Way to do a sidebar, but when the browser with the largest market share messes them up you just have to adapt.