The reason is simple: I’ve been on vacation. Cindy, Amy, and I spent the last nine days visiting family in Michigan. Amy presented the usual (mostly alimentary) sorts of challenges associated with babies/toddlers and car trips, but overall she was a great traveling kid. She was very good at sitting for long periods in the car, interacting with whichever parent was in the back seat with her or playing with a modest collection of toys or just staring out the window. Sleep was a bit of a challenge, but she did manage to get at least a bit of a nap each day and slept surprisingly well in hotel rooms or Kevin’s computer room. Overall it was actually a very pleasant trip, with not a spot of rain except for the very first day. Mostly we just visited with my mother each day, with a couple of trips to favorite Ann Arbor locations and maybe a swim in the condo-complex pool between Amy’s dinner and bedtime.

The big news is that Amy has started walking. So far she has managed up to about a dozen (very short) steps all by herself, and can pretty much walk the length of the house/condo holding onto someone’s fingers. The limiting factor seems to be whether she finds something interesting enough to stop for, not whether she’s still able to support her weight or keep moving. I think we managed to get a couple of short bits of video of her early steps at Kevin’s, which I’ll try to post soon.