Here are the best pictures I could get from the trip to Michigan last week, starring Amy and her supporting cast (including me).

Amy and Ruth With Grandma Ruth.
Amy and Cindy Sitting with Cindy.
splash splash Splashing in the pool with Daddy. She was a little hesitant the first couple of times in the pool, but she really warmed up to it – splashing, moving her arms and legs underwater, etc.
surfing Daddy This is what we called surfing the Daddy. This leaned-back position would be impossible for me to hold out of the water, but it was easy in the pool and I could brace her little feet against my abdomen.
pointing Pointing at something (or maybe at nothing in particular. Amy does this a lot, because she has learned that interesting things happen when she points.
in the stroller In the stroller at poolside, showing off the latest fashions in baby swimwear.