What is the deal with all of these people on Blogger disabling anonymous comments? I’m not talking about the popular blogs that might actually have had a troll problem; I’m talking about the small-timers who don’t have that excuse. Spam should already be taken care of by the CAPTCHA system, so (even though that also excludes sightless people) that’s not an excuse either. Nonetheless, three times in the past week or so I’ve meant to leave a comment on a Blogger blog, only to find that I couldn’t because anonymous comments were disabled and no other identity option provided. Well, sorry, but I – like thousands upon thousands of others who either use real blogging software themselves or don’t have their own blog – am not about to create a Blogger identity just so I can comment on your blog. You can restrict comments to the small pool of other Blogger users if you want, but such cliquishness seem pretty contrary to the spirit of dialog that I thought modern blogs were supposed to be about. Get some backbone, and let people who can do more than click on a couple of buttons comment on your blogs.