We should all be thankful that the winds of Hurricane Rita don’t seem to have killed anyone, but, according to the LA Times, price gougers did.

“They keep saying that we didn’t go anywhere for the storm,” Quaneshia Haynes, Coleman’s 25-year-old daughter, said Monday, tears streaming down her face. “We left. But we had to come back, and we didn’t have any choice.

“Let me tell you what they don’t tell you about evacuating. They don’t tell you that if you’re poor, you’re on your own. They don’t tell you that people will charge $100 for a hotel that has dirty sheets, where the toilet doesn’t even work. We didn’t want to come back here, to live with no lights and no water. But we had no help up there. Nothing.”

Would somebody like to remind me how gouging will lead to an efficient allocation of resources, and solve all of our disaster-recovery problems?