For a while now I’ve been toying with the idea of making some kind of “fruit sushi” dessert/snack. Accordingly, tonight I embarked on my first experiment. The recipe is basically fruit rollups, rice-krispie square mix, and chopped dried fruit (conveniently provided by Sun-Maid in this case). Here’s a picture of the best-looking roll I managed.

fruit sushi

I learned several important lessons during tonight’s experiment.

Lesson one was not to buy rollups with “tattoos” or anything silly like that (visible at the bottom of the picture). I hadn’t even realized I had done so until it started making a mess on the cutting board. In general, selecting the right rollups is important. Get rectangular sheets rather than strips or circles. The ones I got were actually kind of trapezoidal, and had a perforated strip to tear them in half. This wasn’t too much problem because I ended up cutting right along the same line, but it meant I had to be careful which way I rolled them up. I wanted to get green rollups, but the only ones I could find were “green apple” flavor and that didn’t seem like the best flavor choice so I went with strawberry.

Lesson two is that working with the marshmallow-based square mix is a pain. Yeah, big surprise there. I found that the best approach was to use the dried fruit layer to my advantage. Basically I’d just put a big glop of krispie mix on the rollup, getting it off the spoon however I could, then I’d put the fruit mix on top of that and push the krispie mix into place through the fruit layer. This allowed me to get the krispie mix spread out properly without actually having to touch it

Lesson three should also be pretty obvious, but I’ll include it for completeness: make a whole rollup’s worth of finished product (four final rolls in my case) instead of one at a time. Spread, then roll, then cut. This significantly cuts down on the amount of work, and yields better looking results too.

So…the one question you thought I’d forget to ask. How does it taste? Very good, actually. Marshmallow, rice krispies, and fruit go well together. Yum. The texture is obviously dominated by the rice krispies’ crunchiness, and I’d love to hear suggestions for softer (but still sweet) alternative fillings, but I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the way they turned out.