For a long time, I’ve been aware that this site’s rather schizophrenic nature has been confusing for many people. The largest contingent of readers is primarily technical, and gets turned off by my political writings. The people who come for the political commentary are less numerous, but I’m sure their eyes glaze over when they see the jargon-drenched political posts. Family and friends who come here for news about me and my family probably click right through to the “family life” section if that’s not where their bookmark points already. Lately the percentage of the site devoted to technical content has increased, and so has my traffic. That’s not a coincidence, I’m sure. I do look through my logs occasionally, and the relationship is pretty clear.

In the interests of serving my “audience” better, I’ve been looking for a way to resolve this conundrum. I’ve thought about maintaining two completely separate blogs, but even when all of the categories are added up I barely post enough for one. Instead, I asked my friend who runs It Affects You if he would be interested in having me do my political writing there, and he has graciously accepted. As a result, those who are interested in what I have to say politically should probably go there. This site will become more technical and personal, though I’m sure I’ll still sneak in the occasional bit of more abstract philosophy. The random scientific or humorous or just generally off-the-wall stuff will also still be here, of course, along with book reviews and recipes and everything else.

I hope this change will help people enjoy both this site and my new political “home away from home” more. It’s always hard to be sure, though, so (as always) feedback is certainly appreciated. Please feel free to leave a comment or send me email to let me know what you think.