Just in case anyone forgot: this is my blog. I pay for it. I run it. I provide most of the content that draws readers here. Get it? If you want to misrepresent facts or arguments, make exaggerated claims on your own or others’ behalf, or sling insults like a whiny little child who’s not getting enough attention, feel free to do it on your own site. Do it on your employer’s, if they don’t mind you using their resources during working hours to sully their image. Just don’t expect to do it here. My house, my rules.

No, I’m not allowing comments on this post. Just this once, there’s no dialogue – only me telling the slow student in the class how it is. Those who harbor even the slightest doubt about whether I’m referring to them can rest assured that I’m not, and after this I hope we can go back to civil discourse without that noise in our ears.