As I’m sure everyone must have assumed (or known) I’ve been out of town and out of touch for the last week, visiting family in Michigan. I could actually have spent more time online if I had wanted, because they do have internet access both in Ann Arbor and in Batavia NY where we stayed overnight in both directions, but this is my opportunity to wean myself off the electronic teat and start the new year fresh so I (mostly) took advantage of it. There’s not much to report, really. The only interesting thing about the travel part was the absolutely ginormous room the hotel gave us on the way back. I’m no novice traveler, but I still had to double check that we’d gotten the right room/rate because nobody expects a ~1000 square foot mirrors-everywhere – yes, even over the bed – suite for under $100 a night. Amy had a blast toddling around all that empty space, but it was actually not as nice a room as the one we’d had on the way out in terms of finding a light- and sound-isolated place for her to sleep. I ended up reading a book by flashlight in the furthest corner of the room while she settled down. While in Michigan, I had the usual moments when I remembered why it’s good to have a family, and other moments when I didn’t. All in all, everything went much as expected.

I do have some pictures and video from Christmas and the trip, but I haven’t had a chance to process them yet. Instead, here are some pictures that I hadn’t put up yet from before.

Amy discovering snow Amy wondering about snow during a November storm.
Amy sitting on snow Amy sitting on snow. She thought it was pretty neat how the snow would just sort of form itself into a perfect seat when she sat on it.
Amy's book collection Amy sitting on her books. We didn’t put them on the chair like that; stacking them like that is one of her games.
Amy in a wagon This was from a holiday get-together for the local play group.
Amy showing some love Same party. I really should know some of the other babies’ names, but I’m afraid I don’t.