As promised, here are some pictures of Amy. I’ll do text later.

Amy playing in front of the tree Amy playing in front of the Christmas tree at Cindy’s parents’ house in January.
Amy sitting on the gas station Same day, Amy sitting on the gas-station play set she got for Christmas. Sitting on things is one of her favorite hobbies now.
Amy reading in the sunroom Amy reading a book with Daddy (that’s me, folks) in the sunroom at Cindy’s parents’.
Amy and the shape-sorter Amy playing with a shape-sorter. She has a little bit of trouble with the more complex shapes in this and in some puzzles (we have a butterfly one that’s particularly challenging at home) but mostly she gets them.
Eek! The amazing static that Amy sometimes gets from the sofa. This just screams for a funny caption, but I can’t think of one right now.