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red swing Amy in “the red swing” at Splinterville. This seems to be just about every child’s favorite swing, with lines often forming.
wearing my shoes Usually Amy likes to wear my slippers, but this time she managed to find my shoes instead. Don’t they look just lovely with that dress? That’s what her (entirely coincidental) expression seems to say.
playing with rings Playing with rings at her grandparents’ house.
reading a book Reading a book at her grandparents’ house.
exploring Just exploring at Garden in the Woods this past Saturday. I was amazed how far she walked that day, and yes, that is a rock in her hand.
sitting on a stump There was an area at GitW that had a bunch of stumps and logs, and I swear Amy would have liked to stay there all day. She even managed to lead us back to that spot a second time, which is pretty clever for a less-than-two-year-old.
walking on a log Another picture from the same area.
with Mommy Amy and Cindy. I think this was a particularly good set of pictures, and this one is a real prize – good expressions on both of them, a decent background, good color/lighting. What more could a guy ask for?