On Saturday the three of us went to Walden Pond, to soak up some of the ambience before the whole place turns into a total zoo. She loves the “ba-kak” (baby backpack) and I don’t mind the exercise, so that’s how we started out. A little over half-way around, I decided to let her down so she could stretch her legs and I could stretch my back. Cindy and I were pretty surprised that she actually walked the rest of the way until the very end when it didn’t seem safe near the water – maybe about a mile. That’s a long walk for a less-than-two-year-old! Click below for pictures.

bag lady One of Amy’s new games is putting lots of bags around her neck.
froggy A frog at a smaller pond near Walden. There were literally hundreds of frogs in this pond, so thick that it seemed like if you just plunged a hand into the water you couldn’t help but catch a few, all doing what frogs do in spring. It was a regular amphibian bacchanalia, and I’ll bet this is the only site where you’d ever hear those two words together.
moss Amy pointing to moss on a tree. She kind of picked up “moss” on her own, and I took the opportunity to teach her “lichen” as well. She delights in pointing both out now, in the back yard or on our evening walks through the neighborhood. Quite the little naturalist, she is.