Yes, I’m still alive, and I know May has been the slowest month here in quite some time. The simple fact is that I haven’t had much to say. Part of the reason is that I’ve been incredibly busy at work. Those of you who’ve worked in the software industry are undoubtedly familiar with the idea of “crunch time” and this has been beyond what I normally think of as crunch time. Working nights and weekends once in a while is almost normal, but foregoing sleep and family time and any other kind of respite is something else. In addition to spending more time at work, it has been more intense time than usual. It’s like the difference between taking a couple of short breaks during an hour-long workout (something else I haven’t done in a while) and just pounding straight through at maximum intensity for the entire time . . . then doing the same thing all day, and then the next day, and so on. I don’t recall ever being quite so acutely aware of how short a day is, or seriously worrying about whether I was safe to drive to/from work because of exhaustion.

Obviously I’ve been able to take a breather long enough to write this, but now duty calls again. That next bit of code isn’t going to write itself. There is light at the end of the tunnel and I’m sure I’ll be back soon, but I haven’t even had the energy to queue up anything to write about when the crisis is over so it might be a while before the site gets rolling again. Please bear with me.