Saturday was Amy’s second birthday. It was a pretty low-key affair, basically just a few family to “help” Amy open her presents, followed by carrot cake and banana ice cream. I don’t really have anything to say that’s any different than last year’s tribute, so I thought it would be fun to compare some pictures. Here’s the main picture collection from when Amy was born, and here’s her first birthday. Lastly, here are a couple of pictures from Saturday.

Amy and Cindy Taking advantage of the “flash effect”; often I can get the best expressions if I take a picture right after someone else did. It’s amazing to me how mature Amy can look sometimes.
Amy with toys Amy with some of her new toys. She now has her very own watering can so she doesn’t keep walking off with Mommy’s, and the caterpillar (“bi(g) bi(g) pilla”) might help with counting.

I guess it’s worth saying a few more words about counting. Amy knows all of the numerals (including zero), she can distinguish between having one or two or sometimes three objects in view or in her hands, and she seems to understand the idea of counting as an activity. What she doesn’t quite get is the idea that when you’re counting you’re supposed to do the numbers in a particular sequence. Instead, she just kind of picks and repeats her favorites. “Two, five, six, five, six, five, six!” is a common example, with the last “six” said with obvious pride. Lately I’ve been hearing “Eight, nine, eight, nine!” as well. I like to think that she’s just rejecting confinement to the standard sequence that the rest of us with less imagination use.

I have several more pictures that I haven’t processed yet, and some video too. Stay tuned.