Most people in the US have probably never heard of Sophie Delezio, but maybe they should because her story is both a warning and an inspiration. The warning part is that she has been hit by cars twice, resulting in massive burns, the amputation of both feet, and a medically induced coma so she could heal other injuries. Remembering how anti-drunk-driving campaigns just seemed to be getting started in Australia four years ago, it makes me wonder about the state of awareness of child and auto safety over there. The inspiration part is that she and her family seem to have set an amazing example of courage in the face of such tremendous adversity. Look at the picture in the linked story. Notice all the smiles. If I had been involved in something like that, and knew (as the story mentions) that I still had plenty of surgery etc. to look forward to, I don’t think I could present such a positive image. My favorite part, though, is the way Dad manages to make something else positive out of the situation at the end.

But there was one more favour he wanted to ask: “When you do see people like Sophie out there, with any disability or any differences, please give them a smile, say hello to them, make them feel like they are citizens of our country.”

Now that’s class. Well done, sir.