It looks like Auckland had another power outage. What is it about Auckland that prevents it from having reliable power? I particularly liked this quote.

Transpower’s Chris Roberts said 1000 megawatts of supply had been lost at a time on a winter’s morning when close to 2000 megawatts would normally be used.

Transpower presumed the power failure was weather related but could not rule out a maintenance-related problem, he said.

He said the incident was a rare one which occurred at the worst possible spot.

“These sort of incidents are probably going to occur once every 50 years, so its a matter of how far do you go.

OK, Mr. Roberts, so how do you explain two failures within 10 years? Equipment is going to fail. We all know that. That’s why intelligent people design such systems so that a single transient/localized failure doesn’t bring the whole system down. Oops, I guess I answered my own question. Since they failed to do that – failed twice – it’s clear that the people running Vector/Transpower/Mercury are not in fact intelligent enough to be in such important positions of public trust. Maybe they should be replaced by competent people this time.