Just got back from the annual summer trip to Michigan, via Niagara Falls. I have tons of good pictures and video which I’ll be processing and posting over the next week or two. Amy is definitely on a steep curve language-wise, getting the hang of pronouns (though I still have to tell her that there’s no such thing as “my beer” for a two-year-old) and sometimes spontaneously forming sentences like “I bumped my knee” which is impressive because it even contains a modifier. There were many particularly cute exchanges on this trip, but here are my favorites. More as I remember them.

  • Some of you will remember Amy’s reaction (“pool”) to her first sight of the ocean. In a similar vein, when asked what Horseshoe Falls was, she paused a moment and said:

    Yes, Amy, it’s one really big wave.

  • While waiting for something or other, we were playing a little game where I’d do something like slap my knee and she’d imitate me. This is good fun all around. After a few rounds I said “You’re going to love ‘Simon Says’” to which she replied:

    I guess she got that from me, much like responding with a “hm” (about a third of a way between a normal “hm” and a snort when I do it) when there’s nothing else to say. Sometimes she even says “lotta lotta hm” when one of us does it too much.

P.S. Yes, I know it has been over a month since my last entry. Long time since that happened. The simple fact is that I haven’t had that much to say. I’m totally burned out on what passes for political debate nowadays, and Revivio has done its best to drain my reservoir of technical energy as well. Why don’t startups ever have a priority level lower than “urgent”?