I’ve developed quite a backlog of pictures and video, so I’m just going to start posting a few a day until I catch up. These are from early August, some in Massachusetts and some from the start of our trip to Michigan.

Dunback Meadow On one of our walks in Dunback Meadow in Lexington. Believe it or not, that very tall plant behind me on the left is a kind of lettuce.
Amy at Granny and Grampy's Just sort of a generic Amy picture at Granny and Grampy’s. Note how the longer hair makes her look older, in contrast with the shorter look in some of the later (e.g. September) pictures.
Just sitting Sitting and Grandma’s (my mother’s) place. The stool is made from a single slice of a tree, with bark still on the legs.
Solarium In the Solarium. It’s interesting to compare this with some of the video from the same place last year. It will probably be even more interesting when I post this year’s video.
Stacking cups Stacking cups at Grandma’s. Notice the cat in the background.
Caterpillar A cool caterpillar we found at a playground in Ann Arbor.