In my never-ending effort to get the pictures I’ve taken up on the site, I’m just going to start posting new batches every Friday. Here are some pictures from our trip to Long Beach Island back in September, plus a couple from Drumlin Farm and Garden in the Woods. Hosting the pictures through Amazon is still new for me, so please let me know if you have any problems viewing them.

family at the beach Cindy, Amy, Jan and Bob at the beach.
Amy and the dinosaur A dinosaur-shaped slide at a playground in Manahawkin
rock climbing A plastic rock-climbing section of the same playground
looking cool Going for the aloof-movie-star look
sand chair A sand-chair I made for her
Drumlin Farm with Jeff At Drumlin Farm with Daddy…
Drumlin Farm with Bob …and with Grampy
Garden in the Woods This one’s from Garden in the Woods