I know I’ve seen things like this before, but I just had to to one of my own. This diagram is a status hierarchy for programmers (and assorted others), in which an arrow from one box to another means that occupants of the first box look down on occupants of the second. There are some more notes down below.

status hierarchy

Note that some of the “looks down on” relationships are mutual. In addition, they all tend to be transitive to some degree. If A looks down on B and B looks down on C, then it’s a pretty good bet that A looks down on C even more – unless A doesn’t even realize or acknowledge that C exists or is separate from B. For example, most sales and management types don’t really recognize embedded systems programmers as such; we’re all just programmers to them. I left off Lisp/Scheme programmers for the simple reason that they directly look down on everyone else and I didn’t want to clutter up the diagram with that many arrows.