Yesterday was ridiculously warm for January in New England, so I decided to take advantage and asked Amy if she wanted to go outside (meaning the back yard). She agreed enthusiastically, so we did the whole shoes-and-socks-and-jacket routine and headed out. By the door were some flowerpots and such that were filled with leaves and rainwater. Amy stopped, looked for a moment, and then pronounced, “Leaves diving.”

Another recurring source of amusement is the way Amy uses “tired” to mean “unavailable” (or something similar). It doesn’t seem so strange when we try to encourage her to play or read with Cindy once in a while instead of wearing me out and she says “Daddy tired” in that very disappointed/accusatory way. It’s a little funnier when we tell her we’re not going to play with the computer (or any game/toy/inanimate object) right now and she comes out with “Computer tired.” That’s usually good for at least two or three chuckles a day.