I knew that someone would read my article about Revivio and try to turn it into something it isn’t. Chris Mellor, who I’ve never heard of before and who I doubt knows all that much about Revivio except what he has read in other publications, apparently skipped my disclaimers and then stretched quite a bit to come up with something snarky enough for publication. Here’s his jumped-to conclusion.

What has Symantec bought? It sounds like there will need to a lot of product clean-up work before the Revivio CDP product becomes a usable and reliable one.

Sorry, Chris, but it was already usable and reliable. It was just not selling as well as we’d hoped, largely for the reasons I mentioned. Sure, Revivio had problems, but – as another linker correctly pointed out – they’re pretty typical ones for a startup. I don’t know when you were last a player instead of a kibitzer, but I’d be surprised if any startup completely lacked such problems. At least Revivio had a good idea and a lot of excellent people working on it, which most startups don’t. What Symantec has bought is nothing to be ashamed of, and any rework that will be necessary is no more than should be expected whenever one company absorbs another’s technology.