By now, most of you have probably heard about (or been affected by) the discovery of several “devices” in various places around Boston. They turned out to be either a harmless prank (includes image) or a guerilla marketing campaign. Mark Frauenfelder at Boing Boing has been all over this, as the devices were reported as having been based on blueprints from Make magazine. Mark and his readers are outraged.

Ashamed of their own foolish overreaction to finding some battery powered Lite Brites and promptly declaring a code red emergency that shut down Boston, authorities are hoping to save face by arresting Peter Berdovsky, who is charged with installing the innocuous signs.

Sorry, Mark. I love the stuff you post, and I understand that this kind of stuff is just innocent fun, and usually it is, but this time it’s not. The authorities do have to respond this way when they find electronic devices under bridges and stuff. Bombs can have cutesy LEDs too. It was probably not fun at all to people who were late to work or important meetings, parents who missed seeing their children that day, etc. It would have been really not funny if emergency vehicles had been blocked or delayed from getting where they needed to go. Sorry your hobby got caught in the crossfire, but you have no right to feel aggrieved at the authorities. Blame the morons who showed no sense or consideration at all when they did this.