There’s a pair of words you don’t see together too often. One of the Big Deals in the comics world is apparently that Bill Amend, of the excellent and famous strip Foxtrot, is moving to a Sunday-only schedule. Pearls Before Swine (currently my favorite comic) has a strip about it today. It’s fairly amusing in an obvious way, but it also embeds a second joke that might be even funnier. In the third panel, Rat says “wow” … but if the dialog weren’t in all caps you’d probably see it as “WoW” instead. WoW is, of course, World of Warcraft, and rumor has it that WoW addiction is the real reason behind Amend’s change of schedule. I have no idea if the rumor is true, maybe I’m guilty of repeating something Amend would find offensive, but I still find the subtle mention in Pb4S pretty amusing.