Amy often has a phrase that just cracks her up and that she loves to repeat, especially at bed time. For a while it was “great big pretzel” from one of the Richard Scarry books. More recently it has been “Amy’s bread” which has had Cindy and me totally mystified. Two nights ago, the secret was revealed. In the middle of the evening, Amy said, “Amy’s bread” and I had the inspiration to ask, “Where is Amy’s bread?” She trotted over to the bread machine which sits in a corner of the dining room, opened it up, and took out a stuffed monkey toy that she apparently keeps there. Now “Amy baked a monkey” is also good for a giggle. You just never know what phrases are going to become common around your house when you have kids.

In other baby-related news, congratulations to Cathy and Wilson on the birth of Colette Adeline. Welcome to the club!