In no particular order, just so I’ll remember these years from now …

  • “Snow seeds” (what most of us would call snow flakes)
  • “Daddy’s beautifuling the snow” (referring to the sprays of snow as I shoveled the driveway)
  • “Platypus on (just about anything)”
  • “Clock without pancakes” (because there are pancakes on the clock in Skip To My Lou)
  • “Don’t eat the otter”
  • “D is for Daddy” (spontaneous and not from a book, as far as I know)
  • “Read BLEEP” (instead of “read, please” and no, I don’t know where this one came from)

I’m also pleased to report that Amy can read (or really recite) most of some books all by herself right now. For example, she did Barnyard Dance last night, with help from me in only a couple of places. She can also do this entire section from Too Many Frogs all by herself, which I find quite impressive.

“But I do mind, Froggy. “I never invited you in,” Rabbit explained, “I never invited you to fix a snack, I never invited you to get all comfy-cozy, and I never invited your family to join you. So I do mind, very much indeed”
“Uh oh, Froggy said, “this will never do. Thanks for your kindness. Toodle-oo.

That’s a long passage for a two-year-old. Heck, I probably didn’t manage to get it quite right myself, from memory, but Amy does. Just when I think she’s not progressing as fast as she used to, she surprises me. She has also learned to jump horizontally, and vertically from a step-stool. Any day now, she’ll be jumping vertically.

UPDATE: Cindy mentioned another good one last night – “ramp shoes” referring to high heels. Also, “toe-thumb” referring to her big toe.