Yeah, it has been pretty quiet on the Amy front. In response to several requests, there are some pictures of Amy (and other things) below the fold . . . but first, a bonus Amy story. The other morning I was giving Amy her breakfast, including the last piece of a pear. I noticed her very carefully placing two crumbs from her previously-eaten cinnamon toast on the pear, so I asked what she was doing.

Putting eyes on the hippo . . . so he can blink.

Well, that’s certainly creative. :) Enjoy the pictures.

yummy snow Tasting snow in the backyard, back in February.
easter eggs Easter eggs at Grammy and Grampy’s.
baby turtles Baby turtles at Garden in the Woods on Sunday.
bench Cindy and Amy sitting on a bench.
riding a log Amy riding a log at GitW. Notice the tightly clutched sheaf of pine needles in her right hand, which somehow became “pizza needles” after I told her to say “pizza” to get a smile (which obviously didn’t work).