…as far as I’m concerned, anyway. For quite a while, Digg has accounted for far too high a percentage of the stories in my RSS reader, with far too many of them falling into only a few categories. Graphics-card and Linux-distro fanboi-ism. Laissez-faire libertarian astroturf. Future-of-Digg navel gazing. Blech. Every once in a while I’d see a decent story there that I hadn’t already seen somewhere else, but too rarely. Today’s spasm of HD-DVD-code spam was the last straw for me, as it probably has for many others. Digg has succeeded in becoming worse than Slashdot (which has actually recovered somewhat). Bye bye, Digg. You can keep all your adolescent prigs, maybe as long as they’re busy posting on Digg they’ll leave the rest of us alone.