Kirby Wadsworth, former VP of marketing at Revivio, has a blog. I still remember when he found out I had one, and told me he’d consider it a personal favor if I’d stop being so mean to those poor defenseless folks at Sun for a while. I probably shouldn’t have, but I went along at the time because I felt that’s the sort of favor colleagues do for one another. Imagine my surprise, then, to see that his inaugural post is not only full of the same kind of commentary he once complained about, but even contains a stab at me personally. Tsk, tsk. I’d be a bit more annoyed if his comments weren’t so totally absurd. A marketing guy, accusing an engineer of spin? Saying I was “completely removed from the action”? When the boardroom door closes, who’s closer to the action? The guy making the product work, both in the lab and in the field, or the guy waving his hands and telling tales? Ultimately, this is all supposed to be about creating value for customers. Everything a company does, from securing investment to answering the phones, either contributes to putting something of value into a customer’s hands or it doesn’t. Product development, product testing, product support all belong firmly in the first category. Much of what happens behind closed doors is in the second; that’s why the doors are closed. I know some people tend to forget that, or don’t want to hear it, but that’s the way it is.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Kirby. I look forward to your revelations about what kind of action I was missing out on. I want to hear who you think the real bad guys are, because I know there will be some and I know they won’t be people you’ve just relegated to the status of bystander. I know my crime was to distract from your master narrative, so let’s hear it. You always did put on a good show.