The title is a reference to one of Amy’s common sayings. If anything is not where she expects it to be, “Somebody took the…” is likely to be her response. Somebody took the snow. Somebody took the house (a teardown in our neighborhood). Somebody took the Daddy (while playing hide-and-seek). Somebody took the lake.

Scientists in Chile are investigating the sudden disappearance of a glacial lake in the south of the country.

When park rangers patrolled the area in the Magallanes region in March, the two-hectare (five-acre) lake was its normal size, officials say.

But last month they found a huge dry crater and several stranded chunks of ice that used to float on the water.

This is not the first time such a thing has happened, of course. I remember hearing a while back about Beloye Lake in Russia doing the same sort of disappearing act. The funny thing is, that one’s apparently coming back. In related news, the Department of Obviousness has this report.

n 1600, there was a church standing on the place where later the Beloye Lake appeared. One day the church disappeared under the surface. The incident made superstitious people believe that disappearing of the church was God’s anger. In a couple of decades, a big wonderful lake suddenly appeared on the place where the church used to be situated.

experts say it is first of all important to investigate the karst as it may be dangerous to walk there.

Yeah, could be. What’s Russian for “duh”?