I don’t know exactly why, but this explanation of Stonehenge feels right to me.

Bruce Bedlam, 56, has built a scale model of the ancient stone circle as he believes it was originally constructed – as a round building.

He believes that the Wiltshire monument was created with a large, domed roof made from wood and covered in wooden tiles.

Bruce believes the sitting was significant and the sun would enter the interior at every solstice through one of the ten doors.

I think I heard about people doing concerts at Stonehenge. If so, maybe they were a couple of thousand years too late.

The theory suggests that beams were used to create a roof that came to a point above the monument.

They were held together in place by gravity and the shape would have been acoustically perfect, according to Bruce.

When I was in England for work years ago, we visited both Stonehenge and the lesser-known Woodhenge, which is now just a series of concrete stumps marking the supports of what might have been a similar structure. We also started making jokes about Hayhenge, based on those big cylinder-on-their-side bales of hay scattered throughout fields in the area. Since then Cindy and I have made jokes about other henges, but I don’t remember all of them. Carhenge I’m pretty sure of, and some kind of foodstuff. Maybe Toasthenge?