With the dry summer, the pond at work reached unusually low levels, revealing the structures in these pictures. There was much speculation about what they were, most people figuring that they were remnants of some old railroad track. As it turns out, I have a copy of Images of America: Assabet Mills that I keep in my office (thanks to Bob C who gave me a copy for Christmas last year before I started at SiCortex). A quick perusal revealed that these are the remnants not of a railroad but of a flume that was built in 1916 to carry water across the pond while it was drained so that Building 1 could be rebuilt. Here’s what it looked like then.

1916 flume looking across the pond

1916 flume close up

Now, here are my pictures from the morning of September 21. Note the position of the steeple in both sets of pictures, for reference.

2007 flume looking across the pond

2007 flume looking toward Buildings 2 and 5)

In case anyone cares, my cube is on the second floor of Building 2, probably about a quarter of the way in from the left. My cube’s on the inside, though, so that’s not actually my window.