Continuing backwards, here are some pictures of the snowbanks that built up around the house earlier this month. The first one is from December 14, after the first big snowstorm.
Amy in a snowbank
The others require a little explanation. The day after the first snowstorm, I didn’t completely shovel the driveway before I went to work, figuring that the weather pattern wouldn’t last and it would thaw soon enough. That’s a pretty reasonable assumption in early December – most years. This time, though, we got another snowstorm almost on the heels of the first, and then another a week later, and haven’t had a good thaw until the last week or so. The pictures are from December 23, after things had thawed enough that I could attack the packed-down snow. It came up in big manhole-sized chunks, and just for fun I decided to make ramparts out of them in the snowbank.
ramparts I ramparts II
This last one actually precedes the previous two, but it’s easier to explain in this order. With the heavy snowfall immediately followed by a thaw, it seems that a lot of people were having trouble with ice dams and huge icicles. After I had pried loose a few of the larger ones I stuck them in the snowbank, where they formed the basis/inspiration for my subsequent “art project”. These are about 9-10″ at the base and nearly 2′ long, and one of them is still there – having outlasted the ramparts which have been mostly obliterated by the rain. The lone survivor is much thinner now, but as the snow has receded it actually seems taller than before.