Even though by most standards I have a pretty darn good life, and I recognize all the good things that happen day by day, I’ve been feeling a bit depressed. Apparently scientists have discovered one possible explanation.

Humans are pre-programmed to hit the depths of misery at the age of 44, researchers have found.

That is the age at which the probability of depression peaks for both men and women, researchers from the University of Warwick have found. That particular institution’s closest town is Coventry, suggesting they do indeed know what they’re talking about.

Happiness levels tended to peak at around 20, they found, before steadily dipping as people reached their mid-40s. They then started creeping back up again, with people generally climbing out of the hole in their 50s.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe it’s just a biological thing that affects folks my age. Or maybe it’s the burnout-inducing grind of sleep-deprived work for pay, housework, and Amy-watching that leaves me with only an hour or two of leisure time each and every day (if that) for months on end, while everyone around me enjoys three to ten times that and seems utterly disinterested in giving any up even a few minutes to lighten my load. Nah, I’ll go with the biological-clock explanation. That way I don’t have to consume any more of that leisure time explaining myself to other people who still won’t try to do anything about it.

(Hey, it’s a blog. If I can’t have a little self-indulgent wallow once in a while, what’s the bloody point?)