Amy at Edaville USA

These are from November. Edaville is a pretty old-fashioned kid-oriented place a bit southwest of where we live. Their main attraction is a narrow-gauge train that goes in a big loop through cranberry bogs and a miniature town. During their Festival of Lights there are all sorts of “animated” lit-up things like animals and a pirate ship near the track too. Unfortunately, those sorts of things just can’t be photographed with a regular point-and-shoot digital camera. I was a bit more disappointed that I couldn’t get a decent picture on the merry-go-round either, since Amy loved that, but life’s like that sometimes. Here are the pictures I did manage to get.

the Caterpillar ride Amy on the Caterpillar ride, which was definitely her favorite. I think she did it six times – twice with me, once with Cindy, once with “Grampy” (Cindy’s father Bob) and twice by herself.
Amy and the sign I normally wouldn’t bother taking a picture with the sign, but this one turned out rather well. It was a chilly day, enough so that the hot donuts and cider were extra good, but it wasn’t brutally cold or anything.
the ball pit The near-obligatory ball pit. This wasn’t a really huge thrill for Amy, but she did seem to enjoy it well enough.

Pots and Kettles

Larry Wall, on scripting languages.

the continued evolution of the shell shows just how crufty a language can get when you just keep adding on ad hoc syntactic features.

…and then…

After your sigil you can add a twigil, or secondary sigil. Just as a sigil tells you the basic structure of an object, a twigil tells you that a particular variable has a weird scope.

In other words, it’s crufty when others do it, but clever when Larry does it.

New Year, New Look

I decided I was a bit overdue to upgrade my WordPress installation – from 1.5.3 to 2.3.2, so make that long overdue. While I was at it, I took advantage of the theme handling to modernize the site’s overall look. I’ve added back most of the hacks I had made to both the code and the layout in the old version, so things should pretty much work the same way even if they look different. Everything seems to have gone pretty smoothly, but please let me know of any glitches (or other feedback).