Grrr #1: One of my articles here was copied by a splog, with somebody else’s name attached.

Grrr #2: I went to report the splog, since it seems to be a whole domain full. The reporting site had a CAPTCHA with about fifty letters and no instructions about which ones are significant. I made a half-dozen attempts, all of which failed, and then decided I’d entertained the moron webmaster enough.

Grrr #3: I found a link to what I thought would be an interesting article: 7 Pains You Shouldn’t Ignore but it turned out to be one of the most useless pseudo-medical articles I’ve ever read. It might have been useful if it identified seven pains that are somehow distinct from the discomforts of everyday life. Instead I find that if I have any pain in my head, chest, abdomen, back or calves I should run to the ER because I’m about to die. That’s everything medical reporting should not be. It is alarmist and it is not informative. Way to shill for the most expensive segment of the generally venal medical profession, Leanna Skarnulis.

Seriously, don’t these people think before they post garbage on the web? I’m pretty obnoxious sometimes, I’m sure a lot of what I post would seem pretty useless to a lot of people, but at least I don’t just splat stuff out there without even the tiniest hope or care about whether it’s just wasting people’s time like these folks did.