Yeah, I know it’s Wednesday. For once, the weather was nice on the weekend and then turned a bit cloudier when I went back to work. We didn’t do much on Saturday. On Sunday we took Amy to Drumlin Farm. Last time, she had greatly enjoyed touching the sheep through the wooden slats in the sheep/goat shed, and she seemed to enjoy it this time too. She barely seemed to notice the kids (five weeks old) or the lamb, though. She also liked the mice (in “Drumlin Underground”) and seemed fascinated by the many kinds of poop. The best part, of course, was having a picnic lunch. She loves picnic lunches. Anyway, here’s the obligatory first-lady-slipper picture for this year.

2008 lady-slipper

On Monday, I took her to a playground in Lincoln that we’d seen on the way back from Drumlin Farms. First we had trouble finding the way in, because the playground is actually part of a big school complex and is not actually visible from within the complex itself – you basically have to go past the playground to find the entrance, drive around to the other side of one building, then walk back around the building again to (almost) where you started. It was worth it, though. It’s an old-style wooden maze kind of affair, with a little bit of an obstacle course and a “horse” made out of tires hung from cables and a couple of swinging platforms (one shaped like a turtle) and – my personal favorite – a big metal spiral slide. I’ll take pictures sometime. Lexington used to have a playground kind of like this, so I knew to bring my splinter kit and of course that meant nothing happened. Amy had a blast. That and picnic dinner of “weirdo salad” (recipe some day) made for good times all around.

Also, I could hardly let Memorial Day weekend go by without mentioning that this was Cindy’s and my twelfth anniversary. Apparently that’s silk (traditional), pearls (modern), or jade (gemstone). There’s really not much to say about that here, except that I’d gladly do it all again.