Like many people nowadays, I use multiple computers. Not counting the ones I develop on and for, I use the desktop at work and the large laptop at home practically every day, plus I use the desktop at home and the Eee pretty often. I use IMAP for all of my email and Google Browser Sync to keep my Firefox bookmarks up to date everywhere, and it generally hasn’t been a big deal to move from one machine to another . . . until recently. Just the last week or so, all of a sudden, it seems like lots of sites are asking me to re-enter my password every time I visit them from a different machine than the last time. No, it’s not some password-capturing malware. These are all Linux systems, which makes that unlikely to start with, and I know my way around well enough to be able to tell that’s not it. It’s not because of my recent upgrade to Ubuntu 8.04 either, or if it is it’s in some much-less-than-obvious way. It happens with my home desktop (Xubuntu Feisty) and my Eee (Xandros) as well, though I haven’t specifically tested to see if it’s different going between those two vs. going between the other two. I think it’s just web developers being dweebs. They’ve adopted the “security means prompting the user until they go insane” approach from Vista, apparently. Well, they need to get with the times. Many people are like me in this regard, it’s normal for a single user to have multiple “locations” online, and my credentials or security status on one machine should not change just because I logged in from another during the night. I know that doing this stuff right is not as much fun as playing with the latest AJAXy whiz-bang toy, but it’s much better for your users.