A while back, I suggested two Firefox addons: Google Browser Sync to synchronize bookmarks and S3 Organizer (a.k.a. S3Fox) to manage files stored in Amazon’s S3. I’ve stopped using both. In both cases it was due to apparent loss of interest by their maintainers. Neither works on Firefox 3, and S3 Organizer kept losing its mind even on my laptop’s version of Firefox 2. The last batch of pictures was uploaded using s3://, which is less featureful than S3 Organizer but seemed to do the job well enough. As of Monday night and Tuesday morning, I’ve also switched to using Foxmarks to synchronize bookmarks between home (Firefox 3) and work (Firefox 1.5).

I’m somewhat amazed by the continuing lack of a standalone S3 browser that handles things like permissions and MIME types and streaming uploads without being an utter piece of crap. Having done some hacking with both S3 and wxWidgets in the past, such a project is moving up on my some-day list.

UPDATE 2008-06-14: I guess Google finally got around to admitting what has been true in fact for quite a while – Google Browser Sync To Be Discontinued. Next time, guys, don’t wait until months after you’ve actually stoppped work before telling people that you intend to. In other words, don’t be evil.

UPDATE 2008-07-10: No doubt responding to widespread criticism, Google has open-sourced GBS. Too late, as far as I’m concerned, but I’m sure it will be useful to someone else.