I first saw this on j-walk. It’s a terrible story.

Just four days after escaping a federal minimum-security work camp, “Spam King” Eddie Davidson shot his wife and child and wounded a teen-age girl before turning the gun on himself.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of gunfire in the small plains town of Bennett at about 11:15 a.m. today and found Davidson, 29-year-old Amy Lee Ann Hill and their 3-year-old daughter shot to death.

Before I go on, I want to make one thing perfectly clear: the guy’s a monster. As the adoring father of a four-year-old girl, the feelings I experience when I hear of bad things happening to small children are way beyond the feelings I get from anything else. Had this guy done what he did and survived, I’d be seriously reconsidering my positions on capital punishment, torture, etc. That’s really all I need to say about that. However, I did take strong exception to the following flippant remark by John Walkenbach.

Suicide would have been a perfectly satisfactory outcome.

Since when is suicide a “perfectly satisfactory outcome” for anything? Yes, it’s preferable to the tragedy that actually occurred, but that’s not the same statement at all. To see why, consider what Walkenbach said in the context of the day before this event. Spammer escaped from prison, his whereabouts are unknown. Was suicide a “perfectly satisfactory outcome” then? Of course not. Suicide is not a perfectly satisfactory outcome for petty crime, and that’s what spamming is. As I said in a comment there,

Wild speculation about how his family might have celebrated doesn’t change that. Even when the worst people in the world commit suicide, their families rarely escape guilt and other difficult reactions, and there are quotes in the article indicating that he was hardly perceived so negatively by those around him. Suicide is a serious matter, and I continue to believe that anybody who would call it a “satisfactory outcome” is worse than any spammer. The second or two that spam from this person might have caused you to expend hitting the delete button does not outweigh even the most worthless human life.

What’s even sadder than Walkenbach being such a poor excuse for a human being is that the peanut gallery mostly seemed to approve, and attack me for dissenting. I’d like to address a couple of those cheap shots as well.

Karma’s a bitch man. — Phineas Freak

Yes, it is, and acting callously toward the innocent victims or survivors is bad karma too. My karma’s pretty good right now. Yours sucks.

” … a poor way to show we’re better than they are.” — me
LMAO. Yes – we must ALWAYS show we’re better than they. — Evil Klown

Direct your sarcasm toward Walkenbach, then. He’s the one who clearly thinks he’s better, unless he thinks that suicide is a “perfectly satisfactory outcome” for everyone including himself (and you). He thinks he’s better than a spammer. At this point I disagree. The inconsiderate nature of spamming annoys me, but the attitude that he and you represent has far more serious implications. That “the world is divided into good people and bad people with the bad ones all deserving death” attitude is responsible for many tragedies even greater than this one. Anybody making comments like Walkenbach’s, or defending them, has lost all sense of perspective and humanity. If death is the penalty for annoying people, where does that leave any of us including you? Go ahead. Cast that pebble, and watch out for the boulder that comes back. Karma’s a bitch.