Today we went to Smolak Farms in North Andover, as it turns out almost exactly a year since last time. I pretty deliberately took some pictures that were almost exact mirrors of last time, because I think it’s fun to compare how Amy looks year to year, but there are also some new ones. Before I get started on the pictures, though, I just have to say that the Treadwell’s ice cream they serve at the farm stand is awesome. Last year I got something called “purple moo” which was black raspberry with (large) light and dark chocolate chips. It was good, but the chocolate raspberry truffle this time outdid it. The raspberry base was creamy with good berry flavor, the chocolate part was somewhere between brownie and fudge, and the two flavors/textures complemented each other perfectly. Outstanding. Now, on with the pictures. I also have some video, taken with the same camera, of Amy reading. It looks good, but I’m not going to fight with video editing on Linux tonight.

Amy looking very serious as she evaluates the full flavor profile of a yellow raspberry. Neither Cindy nor I had ever heard of such a thing before, but there they were
The fruits of our efforts. I deliberately left this picture just as it came out of the camera, except for resizing, to show off how the new camera really can take some pretty pictures with the right settings. This was sharp and bright enough “as is” to become my new desktop background.
As soon as Amy asked for – nay, demanded – my hat, I knew I had to take a picture. When I asked her to face me, she swiveled at the waist instead of tunring full-on, and this is the result.
This wooden tractor, along with the pirate ship in the play area, is how I was able to jog Amy’s memory of what farm we were going to.
Feeding a goat. This seemed a little less scary for Amy this time, but perhaps also a bit less fun.
Some barn-swallow chicks in (guess what?) the barn. In case you didn’t notice the rollover text, yes, they really do remind me of the birds in Stellaluna.