Nothing earth-shattering here, just some generally nice pictures.

A goat standing on an upturned box so she could look over the side of the stall. A greenhouse full of onions.
They had a tepee-like structure like this last year, too. I’m fond of both morning glories and nasturtiums (nasturtia?) so I just had to take a picture. Just a plain old garden-variety cabbage moth. There are thousands of better pictures out there, but I wanted to see what the new camera could do and I think it worked out OK. I’ve had little luck with the macro feature in general, with every picture taken at less than about 1′ being blurry. Maybe there’s some special trick to getting good focus in macro mode, or maybe it’s just an otherwise fine camera’s Achilles Heel.
A goat family portrait. Amy and some other kid I don’t know in the tack room.