Family camp at Camp Huckins last week was a blast, if a little rough physically. The soccer wasn’t too bad, but Cindy had some serious bruises on one knee from Capture the Flag. I think I bruised a rib – at least I hope that’s what it was – probably during the first volleyball session, and it’s still bothering me. Then Cindy did something during archery that left her arm even more bruised than her knee. All of the guys who played dodge-ball (a sport I really think I’d enjoy and possibly even be good at) were complaining the next day about being unable to lift their arms, then two of them got bruises on their hands from the second volleyball session. You’d think some of us would learn that we’re not kids any more.

Of course, it wasn’t all like that. Swimming and other aquatic activities are always a major focus, then there was the clambake and the talent show and many sessions in the craft shop, and of course meals. The weather was excellent. This was our second year, so I didn’t feel like such a noob, and being able to participate more in the various sporting activities – I had the dubious distinction of being the only guy to lose two ping-pong matches because my victorious first-round opponent had to leave early – helped me become acquainted with a few more people. It also doesn’t hurt that everyone there is so welcoming. In case any of them read this, I’d like to give special thanks to the families who let us share their table, and to all of the other volleyball dads, and to the folks who let us borrow all sorts of toys down at the waterfront. I know it’s corny, but their really is such a thing as Huckins spirit and it’s a wonderful thing.

Without further ado, then . . . pictures! I have one non-Amy picture and some videos that I’ll save for later.

Themed lunches are a feature of the family camp experience, where all those who choose to dress according to the theme get to parade around the dining hall while everyone else claps. This day’s theme was Tacky Tourists. I think this was the first time Amy did a watermelon smile, at the “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” lunch. She referred to it as her green teeth, and immediately decided that she needed a suitable tooth brush (the stick).
One of many sessions in the (very well equipped and provisioned) craft shop. The rubber pig was Amy’s favorite item in the athletic shed last year. The shuttlecock-and-field-hockey-ball ice cream cones were entirely her idea.
Just a generic picture from the waterfront, particularly good for comparison to last year’s photo. Lastly, a picture of Amy in the water. She was actually feeling brave enough to do backstroke where her feet couldn’t touch the bottom, so long as she had one of these. Maybe next year she’ll truly be swimming. Might be a little longer before she can pass the camp’s outside-area test and jump off the tower, though.