As I’m sure you all know, I love talking about politics. I enjoy talking about specific issues, and even more I enjoy talking about underlying principles. Unfortunately, none of the people at or covering the DNC convention seem to care about any of that. As far as I can tell, all of the coverage is about who’s a boring speaker, who’s showing the right level of support for some particular candidate or constituency, what words people choose, what clothes they wear, and – most banal of all – whether the Clinton supporters will rally behind Obama. YAWN. I know things have been heading in this direction for ages, but the rate of deterioration seems to have increased this week. As much as I love politics, as soon as I hear any mention of Denver on the radio I change stations. The horse race, popularity contest, fashion show kind of politics is as insulting to the average person’s intelligence as any morning-show DJ, and at least the DJs are funny once in a great while. Really, how is “I do not approve this message” any better than the average fart joke?

Three more months. What a bleak prospect. I think I’ll burn a whole lot of fiction podcasts on CD for my commute.