This time last week, I was in Colorado for business. Maybe some day I’ll write about some of those experiences, but not right now. One of the highlights of the trips was when I got done early enough on Tuesday so I could go visit my cousin Rachel, her husband Dan, and their three kids Christina/Kaitlin/Jonathan. As it turned out, I also got to see my cousin Tim, who had pretty recently moved to the area. I hadn’t seen Dan/Rachel/Christina for about twelve years, Tim I think for even longer, and I had never met Kaitlin or Jonathan at all. Time constraints being what they were, we ended up meeting at a Chuck E. Cheese, which was also a new experience for me. Here’s the better of the two pictures, kindly taken for us by Tim’s roommate Mitchell.

family reunion

Counterclockwise from the right, that is: Tim, Dan, Rachel, me, Christina, Kaitlin, Jonathan. Thanks, everyone, for making allowing me to stop by on such short notice, and I hope to see you all again some time sooner than another twelve years.