Dance Class

I missed the first “observation day” because I was in Colorado, but there will be another one. I won’t miss this one because the pictures are just too cute.

I Voted

You should too. Assuming you’re eligible, etc. Before you vote, though, especially in the presidential election, I ask that you do one other thing: think. Think of some policy issue – foreign relations, economic policy, civil rights, whatever matters to you. Now forget about the candidates for a moment. Forget their careful phrasings and their personal style. Just think for a moment about what specific and concrete official actions you think should be taken regarding whichever issue you chose. Only when you have that answer should you consider the candidates, and vote for the one who is most likely to take the same official actions that you yourself chose regarding that issue.

I don’t care what issue you choose, what actions you prefer, or what reasoning you used. Yesterday I did, and tomorrow I will, but today the most important thing is that you have a reason for your vote. Everyone has a right to vote, and a corresponding responsibility to make that vote mean something. What does your vote mean?