Yes, really. My luggage is probably in Boston by now. I originally had a 6am flight through Washington, but missed it – I got to the gate before it left but couldn’t board – due to absurd delays at both the United checkin and the Travesty of Security Appearances. Why book a dozen flights off one runway at the exact same time, creating a logjam at the insecurity checkpoint? They booked me on another flight through O’Hare, but that got canceled. Second try through O’Hare went through de-icing delays at both ends but did get met here. What’s the point of a twenty-five-minute de-icing on arrival, forcing dozens of passengers to miss their connections, when you’ll just have do de-ice again before the next departure (as had been done on our flight)? The United “customer service” area in concourse C had no United employees, and a two-hundred-yard line waiting for the self-serve kiosks. All of the Boston flights seemed to be from concourse B, so I headed over there to find a nearly empty similar area. The first kiosk asked me if I was going to Vancouver, then told me to pick up the phone when I said no. The phone gave me a wrong-number recording. Second kiosk went through the same routine, but this time – after a five-minute wait – I got to talk to a real person on the phone. She managed to get me on a new flight, but the kiosk gave me a printer error instead of a boarding pass. Finally, the third kiosk managed to choke out a boarding pass.

At the end of all that, here I sit at the gate waiting for a noon (central time) flight. After that I have to find my bags and then a way home. Whee.